grooming your dog The Grooming is one of the most important parts of dog care. Thats why you should learn how to groom a dog the right way. It depends on age, breed and strength of the dog, but grooming can be a daily activity. A lot of breeds need a lot less grooming that this, but grooming your dog on a regular basis helps to make sure, that it is strong and comfortable. It is notable, that not all dogs shed(such as the Poodle)as profusely as others. This way they only require professional grooming every 5-8 Weeks.

Why you should groom your dog: The most important factors

  • It decreases the possibility of a lot of health problems, including scratches, trush and many other skin problems.
  • Keeping your dog clean.
  • Checking your dog’s health and see if he has cuts, heat, lameness, swelling or substantial changes in his temperament. All those could be symptoms of an illness.
  • It bonds you and the dog

How to groom a dog: The 5 Areas of dog grooming

Hair Brushing:

Many dogs enjoy being brushed and doing it on a regular basis can strengthen the relationship between you and your dog quite substantially. It also helps your do to maintain a healthy coat. How much your dog needs to be brushed depends on it’s hair Type. Inform yourself about the right tools and follow these quick tips.

Dogs with Long hair need to be brushed on a daily basis to prevent the tangling of hair.

Dogs with medium long hair could also get pretty matted. Because of that they should be brushed at least once per week.

Dogs with short hair, don’t need as much brushing and you can go as long as one month in between sessions.

You can brush every dog daily and if he enjoys it, maybe you should. Especially during shedding season a higher frequency of brushings can help to prevent a excess of hair build-up.


Some dog breeds like the Shih Tzu and the Poodle have continuously growing hair. They require their hair to be cut every 2-4 weeks. This depends on the breed and the style of the cut. Normally this is best left to professional dog groomers. But if you have the time and the patients it may be a worth while skill to learn for maintenance haircuts. You can visit a dog grooming school, to learn how to groom a dog professionally.

basics of how to groom your dogBathing

Bath time does often mean a lot of stress and cleaning for the dog owner. It’s also often not a lot of fun for the dogs. There is a wet dog running through the house, completely wet from the tub dripping all over the place. But bathing can be different. You and your dog can get used it and you can train him to not loath bath time as much. Maybe he’ll still not like it, but it will be a lot less stress for you. For this to work your need to learn how to bath your dog properly and make the experience as good as possible for the both of you.

The bathing of most dogs should be monthly, but there is also no harm in bathing him once a week.

You need to use special shampoo, that is intended for dogs and also soap free. Depending on the skin and coat of your dog, the veterinarian may give you a recommendation for a special shampoo. Is this the case you should definitely follow his suggestion.

Ear Care

The ears of dogs can be haven for all sorts of bacteria and yeast, if you don’t keep it dirt free. There are many dogs who don’t have problems with their ears for their whole lives and you only need to clean their ears during the monthly bath. Other dogs have constant problems with their ears. They get diseases and need their ears to be cleaned multiple times a day. Most of the problems with dog ears come from genetics.

Dogs who have long hair and floppy ears tend to get a lot more ear troubles, because the ear canal has a lot less exposure to air. A lot of diseases are also a symptom of allergic reactions. If your dog has a foul smell in his ears your veterinarian will give you instructions to get medication and clean his ears a lot more often. Proper care keeps the ears of dogs with strong ears that way and keep them from getting problems.

Nail Trimming

Dog owners and dogs more often than not dislike nail trims. A lot of dogs even dislike having their paws handled and they remember just all to way the pain, when the nails are cut too short. Dog owners are also very aware of this and have a fear of hurting their dogs. Once they experienced pain during nail timing dogs often will try to avoid it the best they can. To avoid this, lean ho to trim the nails of your dog correctly and be careful.

The best case would be if a veterinarian or professional groomer teaches you how to trim dog nails. Nail trims for your dog are needed monthly. Maybe he even needs more, depending on the rate of growth. You can use a rotary tool to file down the nail. You can also consider the pedicure grooming tools for the nail trimming